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THe City of Mt. Vernon is one of the most film-friendly cities in the Mid-Hudson Region. For more information on film permitting in Mount Vernon, reach out to the Mount Vernon City Clerk's Office and find the City of Mount Vernon Filming Policies here. 

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More than 160 feature films have been filmed in Westchester County since 1965, not to mention, the hundreds of television series, commercials and music videos that have filmed right here in Mount Vernon. It's proximity to NYC, it's versatile and diverse locations, and film-friendly municipalities make filming a breeze. The Weschester County Film Office is here to help support all filmmakers filming in the county. Check out their library of great locations that are just minutes away from Haven Studios here.


New York State offers one of the most competitive production incentives in the nation, world-class talent and crews, and incredible production resources in the Mid-Hudson region and throughout New York State. Check out their website for more information on all that New York State has to offer filmmakers-- and check out their library of great locations that are right here in Westchester County. 

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