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Haven Studios is housed in the former manufacturing facility of Zelco Industries, Inc. Founded in 1976 by Noel & Adele Zeller, Zelco started in the basement and garage of their family home. As their business grew, they established operations in New York, Italy, Hong Kong, and mainland China. The Zellers created a variety of innovative, award-winning consumer products, perhaps most famous being the "Itty Bitty Book Light." In 2014, Noel & Adele retired and closed Zelco, but the building in Mt. Vernon remained. So Nicole & Gabrielle Zeller carried on the family tradition of innovation and creativity and turned the space into  film & television sound stage known as

Haven Studios NY.

And as they say, the rest is history...

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Our Parents, Noel & Adele Zeller 

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         Nicole, Adele, Noel, and Gabrielle Zeller

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